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Every day millions of people use free VPN services in order to access blocked websites and keep themselves private and secure online. Yet there are many hidden dangers to using a free VPN, as several popular providers are all too willing to sacrifice your privacy and security in order to make a profit. But with so many free VPN providers out there, how do you know who to trust and who's going to track, store and sell your information? In order to help you out we've compiled some information on what to look for when searching for a free VPN service, as well as information on why we think ZenMate is the best free VPN for privacy, security, encryption and streaming.

Why you need to be careful when using a free VPN

The dangers of using a free VPN

While a free VPN service may sound like a very attractive idea, we all know there's no such thing as a free lunch and the internet security world is no different. The fact is, a good VPN service costs money to maintain and companies have to make that money somewhere. So before you start using a free VPN service, perhaps take a moment to question how that company makes their money. If that information isn't obvious to you, then chances are they are selling your information in some way. In the best case scenario this means your name and email address is being sold to overzealous advertisers, worst case scenario and your credit card details and passwords are being forwarded to cyber criminals. In 2015 the hugely popular free VPN service Hola was exposed for selling their users’ bandwidth for use in a botnet attack. So basically free VPN services often leave you more vulnerable to the exact type of of security and privacy threats you are trying to safeguard yourself against.

So what should I look for when choosing a free VPN?

Don't completely panic yet, there are still a couple of options for those of who are searching for a free VPN service. While almost any tech expert (including WIRED) will first and foremost recommend using a paid VPN, another option is to go with a company like ZenMate who offer a Freemium model for their service. The way that this works is that a reputable, paid VPN company will give you the option to use their product for free - but with less of the cool features their standard VPN offers users. So instead of making money by collecting and selling your data, these companies rely on the money they make from their Premium users in order to keep their servers running. Using a company such as this is really your only option if you are looking for a free VPN but still want a strong level of encryption and don't want to put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime. How else to know that a company is worth trusting? Any reputable VPN company should publish their privacy policy, so look for that before making a decision.

Why ZenMate is the best free VPN

A free VPN with solid privacy and encryption

As a company that was founded on the concept of providing a 'Freemium' service, you can be sure that ZenMate will never sell any of your data to third-parties - unlike many other free VPN providers. Also, we are very upfront with our privacy policy, you can read it here. For the techy amongst you, we use AES 128-bit encryption to protect our users' information. AES is generally considered as the gold standard for encrypting data and is the encryption method used by the US government to protect classified information, so that should give you an idea of how secure your data is. Finally, as a reputable free VPN provider, our free VPN is simple to use and comes either as a browser extension in Chrome, Firefox or Opera and as a desktop client for both Mac and Windows users.

A free VPN that allows you to access content

Every VPN company that offers a Freemium service will limit the amount of server locations that you can access using their free model, often choosing one single location through which they channel the traffic from free VPN users. With ZenMate we offer four server locations to those using our free VPN service: Germany, Hong Kong, Romania and the US. The cool thing about this is that you can still use our free VPN to access many US sites and content that is normally blocked to those out with the country. Moreover, ZenMate is one of the only Freemium providers who don't limit the amount of data our free VPN users can use, making it the perfect free VPN to protect you 24/7.

Comparison with other free VPN providers

As we explained above, the way that a Freemium VPN service works is that paid VPN providers will offer their product to users for free but without some of the extra features they have implemented in their standard VPN. We really believe that ZenMate offers the best service to our free users and in order to prove it to you, we've put together a list of other popular Freemium VPN companies so that you can compare the different restrictions put upon free VPN users and choose the best free VPN for you:

  • ZenMate - While speed is limited on our free version and a few sites will remain blocked, we still give you access to 4 server locations (including US) and unlimited data.
  • Tunnelbear - Free users are limited to 500MB of data per month, not enough to do any streaming but should be fine if you only want a VPN to do your online banking.
  • HotSpot Shield - All free VPN users are routed through their US server location but are blocked from using streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu and given a daily limit of 750mb. Again only useful if you need to use a VPN for a short period of time on public wifi.
  • CyberGhost - CyberGhost offers several server locations, including the US. The only problem is that free VPN users have to wait a while in line for a server location to become available to them, especially if it's a popular location such as the US. Also free VPN users are logged out of their session after 3 hours and made to wait in line again.
  • TotalVPN - TotalVPN offers 3 server locations - Iceland, Singapore and the Netherlands. Again fine if you just need security, but you won't be able to unblock restricted US or UK content from abroad.

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