How to Stream Your Favorite Football matches with a VPN

Football as a sport has millions of followers from every corner of the globe. For the most devoted fans, who follow their teams on the weekend regardless of work, school or geographical location every game is a celebration. Yet when you're traveling or living abroad, finding a reliable live stream is not always easy. If you are looking for a good quality and reliable way to stream your favorite football matches online then your best option is to use a VPN - read on to find out more.

Stream live Football with a VPN

Why can't I stream my favorite team online?

Anyone who has ever tried to stream their favorite team playing will be aware that most of the streaming services such as the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go or NBC Sport have geographical restrictions on their content. Therefore, if you want to stream Football using one of these services, you will need to make it look like you are accessing them from whichever country they are based in. This is where a VPN comes in.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN is a type of software that allows you to change the geographical location from which you access the web. The way this works is that your VPN provider will provide you with a new IP address from one of their globally located servers. Whichever server you choose to receive your IP from will be the location from which it appears you are accessing the web. At ZenMate we have locations in over 25 countries including the UK, US, Germany and Australia - so with just one click you can stream various Football matches from on-demand services based in these countries.


Stream the UK coverage of the English teams from abroad

In the UK, broadcasting rights for Football are split between Sky Sports and BT Sport, so in order to use a VPN to watch these games you will need a subscription to one of these services (or have a generous friend who's willing to share their Sky Go password with you). On the other hand top games are broadcasted on the BBC and a lot of international games are split between the BBC and ITV Player, both of which's streaming services you can access for free.

4 Steps to stream the UK Football

  1. Create your account with ZenMate and download our app to the device of your choice.
  2. Change your location to the UK on your ZenMate app.
  3. Visit the site that your game is being broadcast on (i.e. for Sky Sports games visit Sky Go and sign into your Sky Go account).
  4. Enjoy watching your favorite teams online!

Streaming English Football from other countries

Of course not all fans come from the UK or have access to a Sky Go account. No need to worry if this applies to you, chances are there's a cable service in your own country who has broadcasting rights to the English Football League. In that case, all you have to do is follow the same steps as above, but instead change your location to the country of the streaming service that you are trying to access. Here are just some of the broadcasters that you can access using ZenMate:

So basically if you or your loved ones have a subscription to any of these cable services (plus many others) you can use a VPN to find a good quality live stream of the UK Football when you are traveling or living abroad.


Extra benefits of using a VPN to watch the Football matches live

The best thing about using a VPN to stream the Football matches live is that there are so many extra benefits that come with downloading a VPN. Of course it's not just the football that you can unblock with a VPN - by changing your IP address you can also unblock any website on the web, meaning you can now watch the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, unblock YouTube videos and access the entire US Netflix library.

" changing your IP address you can also unblock any website on the web...'

Moreover, a VPN also encrypts your data and keeps you private and secure online. Therefore by using this software you are significantly less likely to become a victim of cybercrime (i.e. by having your credit card details stolen on public wifi) and your personal information will also be protected from overzealous advertisers and spying governments. Check out or article 'What is a VPN?' to find out more.

Start watching Football live, no matter where you are.