How to Watch UK TV Online

There’s no denying that British TV is bloody brilliant! From Sherlock and Luther, to Gogglebox and Geordie Shore, no matter your taste there’s a British show just waiting to be binge watched by you. The only problem? British streaming services such as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4od are blocked to people accessing from outside of the UK. No need to get your knickers in a twist - at ZenMate we can fix that problem. So whether you’re an anglophile with a passion for the Great British Bake Off or a Brit living abroad in search of a slice of home, here’s our guide on how and where to watch UK TV while abroad. Plus a few tips on all the best shows to watch.

Watch UK TV Online

Why can’t I watch UK TV abroad?

Ever wondered how websites know you’re trying to access content from outside of the UK? The answer is your IP address. An IP address is a unique set of numbers used to identify your device on the internet, kind of like a home address for your computer or smartphone. As essential as it is to your computer, the annoying thing about an IP is that it can be used to identify your location, meaning that websites such as the BBC iPlayer are able to easily block content from people who have an IP address that is not within the UK.

Use a VPN to watch UK TV online

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a simple way to work around the system and access blocked content. When you use a VPN you hide your own IP address and instead use one given to you by your VPN provider. Since VPN providers have servers all over the world, you now have a wide range of choice when it come to deciding from which geographical location you would like to access the web. Since ZenMate has servers based in the UK, by downloading our VPN you can watch UK TV online by tricking sites into thinking you are accessing them locally.

How to download a VPN

As complicated and techy as it may sound, downloading a VPN is actually a pretty simple process. With ZenMate you simply need to sign up for an account and then download one of our apps, browser extensions or desktop clients, whichever best suits your need. Then all you have to do is log into your account, change your location to the United Kingdom and you’ll be watching UK TV abroad in no time. We even offer a free trial of our Premium service, so you can find out how simple it is for yourself before you commit.

Where to find British TV Online (and what to watch)

Now that you’re surfing the web like a British native, you may be wondering what are the best sites for watching UK TV online. If you’ve never lived in the UK you’ve probably still heard of the BBC but what about the ITV Player and 4od? We’ve made a nice easy guide to show you which sites are hosting your favourite shows, plus advice on some truly addictive British TV shows that you really must see.

Guide to watching the BBC iPlayer abroad

As the most popular of British TV streaming sites, there are plenty of options on the iPlayer for all your entertainment needs. For documentary lovers this is where you can get anything Louis Theroux and Stephen Fry related, as well as a good music documentary or two. Luther, Sherlock, and Doctor Who are all iconic British dramas that are definitely worth the watch. Our top pick? Let’s just say there’s a reason the Great British Bake Off is the most watched show on British TV.

What to watch in the ITV Player

As the home of Downton Abbey, the ITV Player is not to be outdone by the BBC when it comes to great British dramas. If you use a VPN to access their site you can watch entire box sets of some really good British shows like Benidorm or Cold Feet. ITV Player is also the home to plenty of reality TV, if you’re looking for a real snapshot into British life. Although our top choice has to go to the drama Broadchurch, starring David Tennant (yes Doctor Who). Just watch it, trust us.

Watching 4od from outside the UK

4od has a massive selection of box sets on their site which is amazing as the channel is home to many classic British shows like the Inbetweeners, This is England, Peep Show and Fresh Meat. Therefore if you use a VPN to watch UK TV online, you can say goodbye to your weekend and binge watch any of these shows from start to finish. Our number one choice here has to be the teen drama Skins. If you haven’t already seen it then what are you doing? Download your VPN and head over to 4od where you can watch all seven seasons of one of the greatest British shows of all time.

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