What is Spam… and Why Should You Know?

"Mark this message as Spam?" "Would you like to delete all of your spam?" or maybe your question is more along the lines of "What is spam in the first place?" We know you have questions about the sometimes confusing online world we call the Internet, and we want to answer them. Simple and quickly. It is our motto, right?

Defining spam… and a little extra food for thought.

Spam, Spamming, what does it all mean?

The spam definition is more along the lines of internet slang for UCE or UBE, also known as unsolicited commercial email or unsolicited bulk email. In normal people terms - emails you didn’t subscribe to or want to receive in the first place. These emails are targeted to individual users in order to attempt to promote new products, introduce spamming schemes to steal personal information, or to increase increase the spamming mailing list.

Span can also refer to Cancelable Usenet spam, or spam aimed at newsgroups and public internet boards such as Buzzfeed or Reddit. The point of this kind of spam is to attempt to uncover users on these newsgroups which rarely comment or post (in turn, giving up their user identity or email address) by overloading a page with unrelated topics or advertising, forcing said user to engage with the website and reveal themselves. Even more so, this type of spam breaks down the efficiency of the site administrators to monitor, control, or manage the topics posted on the website.

Spam is harmless though, right? Well, not always.

Spam can end up costing your money without you ever knowing.

What most people don’t know is spam can indirectly be increasing your internet usage, and thus, slyly taking money out of your pocket. Although it may be minimal in most cases, it cost your mobile provider or ISP (Internet service provider) to scan for, attempt to stop, and prohibit the spreading of spam. These costs, in turn, are relayed unto you. Therefore, if your email becomes full of spam, this can take up some of your allocated bandwidth or mobile data allowance, essentially costing you extra money.

Spam is one of the more annoying, tedious aspects of the internet and can take up unnecessary space on your email or computer if not handled properly. So, if you want to secure your email or block spam, why not take a look at our secure email product, VPN service, or even just continue browsing the internet to decide for yourself what is the best product.

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