Say Hello to the all-new ZenMate for Firefox

Built up from scratch with a complete WebExtensions powered rewrite, ZenMate is the best VPN for Firefox out there


ZenMate Free: 1 location with unlimited data

We're making a change to our free tier: Our non-paying users can now access 1 location with unlimited data, free of charge. All ZenMate benefits (zero logging, ad-free, 360° security & encryption, and IP masking) are included. At ZenMate you're not the product, and never have been. We don't sell your data (unlike other "free" VPNs) and fund our operations exclusively with our Premium service customers. This change allows us to continue offering a valuable free service and is in line with our mission to provide easy-to-use online security for everyone.

The Best VPN for Firefox out there

We’ve taken apart our Firefox extension and rebuilt it from scratch. What does this mean for you? ZenMate for Firefox is now among the most robust browser add-ons out there, with unmatched stability and performance. And faster. Much faster.

No logs. No ads. No worries.

As always, we’re super strict about how we handle your usage of ZenMate, built upon the strictest German privacy laws. We do not log/watch any of your data or usage with ZenMate in any way. This also makes it impossible for us to sell any data to advertisers, since we don’t have any.

You never were, aren’t, and never will be the Product.

Our free tier is made possible only with the contributions of our Premium Users. Even as a free user you get 100% encryption with complete security and privacy. The only downside is that ZenMate Free only offers one location from now on to keep up with the rising costs of our infrastructure.

The World’s Most Resilient VPN

We’ve gone through our entire build and made sure that ZenMate is now stronger than ever. With upgrades to our browser extensions, mobile apps, and desktop clients, we’re ready to combat complications from complex networks and external censorship, wherever in the world you are.

100% secured global network

As a ZenMate user you can be assured of an exceptionally secure tunnel between you and the internet with state-of-the-art encryption and an infrastructure to match. Side note - at no point in time will we use you as an “exit node”.

360° security on ZenMate Premium

ZenMate’s Free tier offers you complete security for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Yandex). Upgrading to ZenMate Premium gives you complete protection for your browser, mobile, and PC. To compare our plans, click here

The Internet is Yours

ZenMate has always stood for an open and unrestricted internet, and we still stand true to that vision. With ZenMate, we hope you enjoy an online world without censorship or constraints, the way it was meant to be.

ZenMate <3 Firefox

ZenMate was among the very first VPNs available for Firefox users all the way back in 2013. Along the way we’ve made massive improvements and changes, and have gathered feedback from hundreds of thousands of Firefox users. We hope you enjoy the new extension as much as we did rebuilding it, and look forward to having you with us again.

So sign up now to try the new ZenMate for Firefox, or get an extra 50% off as an early adopter when you upgrade to ZenMate Premium

Why ZenMate?

  • Premium customer support
  • Ultra fast servers in 30+ countries
  • Best in class Security and Encryption
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server switches
  • Trusted by 40 Million users