ZenMate Sense

Full Mobile Security

at Your Fingertips.

This is what Sense can do for you:

Web security

Feel the Power 24/7

As most online security threats originate from the online world (ey, ey, common Sense), you are going to need real-time protection for your device’s default browsers. With ZenMate Sense, you get exactly that: for your Android Browser, 24/7 protection against online threats. In return? A peace of mind while having fun surfing online. This is how security should feel like.

Malware scanner

Security you can See

With the Malware Scanner, you can be sure of a 100% detection level on any possible malware threats your mobile device may face. Before any scan takes place, it updates to the most recent known viruses and malware, providing that extra layer of malware security. Afterwards, you can see a nice, easy illustration of what your phone has been up to.

Privacy advisor

Hear from the Best

It is great knowing you are protected, but rarely do apps tell you what you actually are protected from. We think you should have access to that information. With our Privacy Advisor, we provide an easy overview of what apps on your phone may be leaking private information. By knowing that, control is fully in your hands. That’s what we call Smart Security.


The Smell of Victory

We all know that feeling when someone asks to see your phone for “one second, I just need to make a call”. If you are worried about your friends or strangers looking through certain apps, set an additional pin code to your sensitive data with our App-Lock feature or even take a photo of the intruder, making this the fifth layer of mobile security you get with ZenMate Sense.


Savour the Safety

Your phone is safe while using it, but what about when it’s out of your hands? Meaning, what if your mobile device gets stolen or lost? With our Anti-Theft feature, you can ensure that you can lock, track, and even wipe clean your device remotely from any Internet-connected device. How? Through our easy to use online dashboard, also called ZenMate Sense Control Center.

What else?

The point of ZenMate Sense is to do exactly what the name entails: bring you sensible security in an easy-to- understand format. Being able to control everything from a simple on- screen dashboard, security has never been easier. With five different features to protect your senses:

  • Antimalware, antivirus, phishing & fraudulent content
  • Dangerous downloadable content
  • Privacy-invasive programs
  • Offline security threats (thieves)
  • Snoops

We can ensure that your phone stays your phone. Even more so, your device must be protected so you don’t accidently pass on malware to your friends, family, and acquaintances. By protecting yourself from others, you also protect others from yourself. Do the sensible thing and protect your device: ZenMate Sense.